Puluf company is a company founded by Mrs. Şebnem as her result of her 30 years of experience. The field of work of the company is saltwater and freshwater fish culturing, off-shore cage systems and underwater materials , fish feed, equipment, medicines and the supply of all fishing needs.
She has graduated from Istanbul University ,Aquaculture department in 1993 and she also studied on phytoplankton and zooplankton for developing to fish feed.

Commercial Chronological Calendar
Since 1993 Orfoz Deniz Ürünleri Ltd. Şti. Capacity : 500 tons/year Sea bream and Sea bass. Located in Guvercınlık and Gulluk körfezi/Milas/Mugla/Turkey. (Harvested 390 tons/year)
Orfoz D.U. Capacity 850 tons/year Sea bream and Sea bass . Located in Gulluk körfezi/Milas/Mugla/Turkey (Harvested 710 tons/year)
Orfoz D.U. Capacity ; 1100 tons /year Sea bream and bass and alternative Sparidae species
with 55 workers 55 , 2, 12 feed and service boats, 2 crane ship for harvest etc.
Alapinar Su Urunleri Ltd.Sti. Located ; Trout Hatchery made by Norvegians (Bekdemirler/Mudurnu/Bolu/Turkey) 11.000.000 fry of 10 grams of trout per year capacity.
Alapinar S.U. ;Iznik/Bursa /Turkey ; 8.000.000 fry of 10 grams of trout per year, 30 tons of commercial 300 gr of trout capaticity.
2022 : PULUF Aqua